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How to Avoid COVID-19

As positive cases of COVID-19 continue to climb, prevention is the most effective way to keep you & your loved ones safe. A message from Indiana Sheriffs' Association

5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe & Healthy from COVID-19

Follow these 5 easy steps to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Keep you and your family safe & healthy and help flatten the curve!

TruNarc The Prevention Minute​

Law enforcement is now testing a narcotics analyzer greatly reducing exposure to our first responders.
Safe School Updates

Vape Pens in Elementary School​

In this Safe School Update, we discuss the dangers of vaping, especially regarding small children.
Safe School Udate

Underlying Reasons For Drug Use​

In this Safe School Update, we explore the underlying issues that young adults face that, if left unaddressed, can lead to the abuse of drugs and alcohol.
Safe School Update

Distracted Driving in Teens​

This video explains the dangers of distracted teen driving. Please talk to your teens about the importance of driving safely.
The information you provided will be very helpful to our entire community and I am sure will help us create the safest schools possible in Jasper County!
Safe School Testimonial
Alissa Kincade
Mother of 4 Students