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Prevention Awareness Networks isn’t just another organization. We aren’t just a name that provides a service. We are so much more than that. Substance abuse, mental health, and the overall wellbeing of people means something to us. It is the foundation of a thriving community.

Disseminating prevention awareness to so many people brings a new hope. If we can provide helpful and insightful content for just one individual to see and learn something from, then everything that we stand for has been validated.

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Frequently asked questions
Custom Content

Yes, the our video resources are free for use. We work with non-profit organizations and partner with substance abuse coalitions in obtaining funding. We also have sponsorship and advertising opportunities. 

We want to keep people’s attention with short, digestible pieces of information. Instead of sharing long articles up front, we share a video that provides accurate information in less than a minute keeping the door open for further engagement. 

Yes. Content can be customized to specific issues that your community is experiencing. We would love the opportunity to work together. Let us know your issue.

The Goal of Prevention Awareness Networks

We are a dedicated resource team devoted to raising public awareness regarding social issues that impact our communities.

We aspire to maintain a platform of sharing crucial information by partnering with law enforcement, educators, first responders, and like-minded coalitions.